New in 2019, this award is offered to recognize and showcase Distinguished Contributions to Scholarship made by faculty in the Faculty of Education.

Nominations can be made by faculty members, program directors or students. Nominees should have a demonstrated and sustained record of distinguished, exemplary accomplishments in their scholarly or creative work and/or innovation relative to their rank and stage of their career.

The $1,000 award will be added to the recipient's Professional Development fund (Pro-D) and will be presented at the Faculty’s Festive Lunch in December in time for recipients to list their award in their CV.


The recipient’s excellence in is demonstrated by:

  1. Demonstrated achievements in their field, while also demonstrating alignment with the Faculty’s strategic objectives according to the 5-year Academic plan;
  2. Have a national and international scholarly reputation;
  3. Have a demonstrated commitment to collegial leadership and interdisciplinary collaboration.


  • A letter of nomination and other supporting documents are submitted to the Awards Committee
  • The Committee reviews all the documents submitted