This award is offered to recognize and showcase excellence in scholarly teaching among faculty members, faculty associates and instructors in the Faculty of Education.

Nominations can be made by faculty members, program directors or students. Nominations should contain information about teaching that has occurred within the last two academic years. The $1,000 award will be added to the recipient's Professional Development fund (Pro-D).


The award winner's excellence in scholarly teaching is demonstrated through a letter of nomination, other evidence permitted by the University such as student evaluations, a teaching portfolio including artefacts, such as the syllabus for one or more courses in which students engage in some of the following activities:

  • review the literature related to a particular issue or problem;
  • undertake a conceptual inquiry;
  • construct a theoretical framework;
  • design a study or an artistic performance;
  • collect and analyze data;
  • conduct a scholarly analysis of data;
  • consider the ethical implications of research.


  • A letter of nomination is submitted to the Awards Committee along with the syllabus for one or more courses.
  • The Committee reviews the nominations and course syllabi.

The award will be presented at the Faculty's Festive Lunch in December, in time for recipients to list their award in their CV for salary review/application to FTPC.

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