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Get Involved with CIRCE: The Centre for Imagination in Research, Culture & Education

October 03, 2019

CIRCE (The Centre for Imagination in Research, Culture & Education) is an international organization dedicated to investigating and showcasing the multifaceted ways in which imagination shapes our communities, workplaces and schools.

While CIRCE has deep roots, interest, and involvement in the field of education, our work branches into a range of other fields including leadership, business, and the visual arts. 

CIRCE's initiatives include:     

  • serving as a “magnetic hub” for learning, teaching and research involving the imagination, creativity, and innovation across BC, Canada and around the world;
  • fostering dialogue and collaboration across professional, disciplinary, and cultural boundaries;
  • participating in community-engaged research/projects that support equity, diversity, Indigeneity, and social/ecological justice;
  • showcasing imagination at work in multiple forms and professional contexts;
  • engaging with educators in many different contexts, including public schooling and postsecondary institutions, outdoor, environmental, and experiential education, community and adult education, museums and cultural centres;
  • teaching about the theory and practice of Imaginative Education, developing resources for the implementation of Imaginative Education worldwide and sharing examples of imaginative/engaging teaching practices in all subject areas;
  • partnering with educational entities (schools/districts/teachers) and other organizations/people working in the fields of imagination, innovation, and creativity and interested in developing their imaginative practices;
  • designing interdisciplinary and inter-institutional educational programs that exemplify/teach about innovative, imaginative, and engaging pedagogical practices.

Visit the CIRCE website and learn more about this diverse community & how you can get involved

Executive Director of CIRCE: Dr. Gillian Judson (gcj@sfu.ca