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Education researchers receive one million dollars in 2020 Tri-Council grants

July 07, 2020

Congratulations to Drs. Sean Blenkinsop and Maureen Hoskyn, recipients of the Social Sciences and Humanities Council (SSHRC) Insight Grants for 2020.

The grants, awarded to emerging and established scholars, provide valuable support for long-term research initiatives that address complex issues about individuals and societies.

Dr. Blenkinsop's grant (valued at $230,922) will be used to develop place and nature-based experiential education practices in public schools and teacher education, while Dr. Hoskyn's grant (valued at $287,994) aims to conduct a follow-up study into the development of executive functions in multilingual children.

In addition to the Insight Grants, five other principal investigators from the Faculty of Education received grants from various SSHRC and Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) funding programs, totaling $1,079,988. This outstanding result is testament to the value and diversity of the faculty’s continued research efforts.  

Congratulations to all of the principal investigators, co-investigators, collaborators and students who have been involved in this pioneering research!

  • Principle investigator: Dr. Sean Blenkinsop
  • Co-investigators: Dr. Mark Fettes, Dr. Cher Hill, and Dr. Paula Rosehart
  • Project title: Developing place and nature-based experiential education practices in public schools and teacher education.
  • Principle investigator: Dr. Maureen Hoskyn
  • Co-investigator: Dr. Danieie Moore
  • Project title: Development of Executive Functions in Multilingual Children: A Follow-up Study.
  • Principle investigator: Dr. Sean Blenkinsop
  • Co-investigator: Dr. Mark Fettes
  • Project title: Living Within Earth's Carrying Capacity: Towards an Education for Eco-Social Cultural Change.
  • Principle investigator: Dr. Kris Magnusson
  • Co-investigator: Dr. Krista Socholotiuk
  • Project title: Connecting Career Development and Mental Health in School
  • Partners: BC Ministry of Education; Saskatchewan Ministry of Immigration and Career Training; New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development; BC Surrey School District; BC Central Okanagan School District; New Brunswick Anglophone North School District; Saskatoon Industry Education Council.
  • Principle investigator: Dr. Amy Parent
  • Collaborator: Quincy Wang
  • Project title: Raising Nisga’a Language, Sovereignty, and Land Based Education through Traditional Carving Knowledge
  • Principle investigator: Dr. Alanaise Goodwill
  • Co-investigator: Dr. Jeannie Morgan (FASS)
  • Project title: Pendemic experiences and impacts of COVID-19 on the mental health of Indigenous communities