Announcing the inaugural Associate Dean, Indigeneity

November 25, 2020

Dean Susan O’Neill, on behalf of the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University, is pleased to announce Dr. Michelle Pidgeon as the inaugural Associate Dean, Indigeneity. Dr. Pidgeon is currently an Associate Professor within the Faculty of Education as well as the Director, Centre for the Study of Educational Leadership & Policy. Dr. Pidgeon is of Mi’kmaq ancestry and her research is focused on higher education and Indigenization.

Her passions also include expanding Indigenous Research processes and research ethical protocols. Her work is influenced by Indigenous theory, social reproduction theory, and retention theories. She teaches primarily in the Educational Leadership graduate programs in the Faculty of Education.

“Indigeneity is a core value of the Faculty of Education Academic Plan and establishing this role in a good way is an important step forward in living that value,” says Dean O’Neill.

Working with Indigenous knowledge holders, Elders and linguists from local Indigenous Nations to jointly name the Associate Dean, Indigeneity position, the Faculty of Education acknowledges the collaboration with Indigenous Nations is critical to reconciliation. This is the first time Indigenous Nations have been consulted to collectively name a role founded upon shared Coast Salish protocol and governance. We look forward to the announcement ceremony and celebration in the near future.