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Can a city be a school? with Dr. Cary Campbell

May 06, 2021

Dr. Cary Campbell, Site Assistant for the MEd C&I Post-Secondary VCC program in the Faculty of Education and Director of Research for the not-for-profit organization The Group (multimodal research) recently presented at this year's Innovations in Research community summit, an event spotlighting SFU researchers who are moving us Towards Equity.

Dr. Campbell's presentation Can a city be a school? Access and inclusion in place-based envrionmental education makes the case that while schools may be one important way people/citizens enact place-based educational opportunities, arguably, cities, neighbourhoods, towns, villages—the sites of daily, public life—are more fundamental and all-encompassing sites of informal place-based education for the majority of people in society.

Learn more about Dr. Campbell's work and view his presentation below.