Dr. Zhiying (Maggie) Zhong

Dr. Zhiying Zhong is a professor of the School of Foreign Languages in South China Agricultural University, China. Her advisers at SFU are Dr. John Nesbit and Dr. Sepideh Fotovation. Her research has been closely related with Applied Linguistics, Psycholinguistics and Ecolinguistics, such as Teaching English as a Foreign Language, English vocabulary size testing, psychological processing of English high-frequency formulas by foreign language learners. She currently researches Ecolinguistics hoping to contribute to the ecology from the language perspective.

Dr. Neha Shivhare

Dr. Neha Shivhare is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education, Dayalbagh Educational Institute in Agra, and presently is visiting Simon Fraser University, where she is collaborating with Dr. David Kaufman in his projects on the theme Digital to Social Learning. She is an ISO certified Internal Auditor and has been a recipient of the Director’s Medal and President’s Medal for her extraordinary academic achievement at the University level. During her visit, Dr. Shivhare is discussing and exploring possibilities for future research in the area of digital learning from a pedagogical perspective and a gerontological  benefits perspective with faculty members at  Simon Fraser University. She hopes  to exchange ideas for collaborative educational programs between SFU and her university in India.