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Faculty Research

Dr. Mark Fettes on building sustainable educational ecologies

Dr. Mark Fettes is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, the Academic Director of the Centre for Imagination, Research, and Culture in Education (CIRCE), and president of the Universal Esperanto Association (UEA) also known as World Esperanto Association. From the foothills of northern Italy to Gabriola Island, the work of Dr. Mark Fettes continues to connect the world. Dr. Fettes is fluent in Esperanto – the international language that led him to later work in First Nations language maintenance and revitalization, and from there to education. Read more

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New Faculty

Dr. Angel Lin on classroom language education

Dr. Angel Lin is a Professor in the Faculty of Education and Canada Research Chair in Plurilingual and Intercultural Education. Dr. Lin's current research focus is language use in the classroom. She is exploring new theoretical horizons in classroom language education, beginning with the ways that formal teaching and the use of standardized national languages are in tension with ordinary language use. Read more

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Student Research

Jovita Vytasek on writing analytics software

Jovita Vytasek is a doctoral student in the Faculty of Education and works in the Educational Psychology Laboratory. She presents us with a new topic modelling software application designed to help writers with revision. Read more

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Visiting Scholar

Dr. Zhiying Zhong on ecolinguistics

Dr. Zhiying (Maggie) Zhong is a visiting scholar in the Faculty of Education, SFU and a professor in the School of Foreign Languages of South China Agricultural University. Dr. Zhong began considering a visit to SFU after a previous visiting scholar told her how she enjoyed her time abroad here, and as it happened, this turns out to be a prime place to pursue her studies in ecolinguistics. Read more  

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  • December 13, 2017
    Dr. Margaret Sallee visits SFU from the University of Buffalo
    Five years ago Sallee collaborated editing a journal with SFU education professor Rebecca Cox. Today Sallee is a faculty member at the University at Buffalo in New York state and was a visiting scholar in the SFU’s Faculty of Education from September until October 2017.
  • June 20, 2017
    Dr. Helena Brandão Viana returns to SFU
    Dr. Helena Brandão Viana from Centro Universitário Adventista de Sāo Paulo, Brazil is working with Prof. David Kauffman from December 2016 until June 2017 on the AGE-WELL research project into older adults and their relationship with new technologies.

Retiree Research

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