Ethics Review

At the time of application, researchers must indicate on the SFU Signature Sheet whether their application will require review and approval by SFU committees responsible for the safe and ethical conduct of research done at SFU.

If you are moving an active grant from your former institution to SFU, you will also need to apply for the appropriate approvals to conduct research at SFU.

Researchers Working with Human Subjects

Researchers who intend to work with human subjects must comply with Research Policy R20.01. Before beginning work, you will need to submit an application to the Research Ethics Board. For further information and application guidelines, see the Office of Research Ethics (ORE) website.

Obtaining ethical approval may take an extended period of time. Researchers should initiate this process as soon as they receive approval of funding for their projects, or even prior to approval if they are doing a pilot or preliminary data collection. To start:

  • Register for an online account that manages all your ethics applications at SFU
  • You will need: an SFU email address; an SFU faculty supervisor if you are a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow; or a supervisor if you are an SFU staff member.