Obtaining Institutional Signatures for Funding Applications

All external funding applications requiring institutional signature or authorization must first be submitted to the FoE Research Facilitator (edgrants@sfu.ca), and then to ORS with an SFU Signature Sheet.

The SFU Signature Sheet is signed by at least two parties: the researcher(s) and the Associate Dean, Academic and Research, who signs on behalf of the Dean.

FoE Signature Procedures

1. Please note the FoE internal deadlines required to obtain the appropriate signatures. These deadlines are provided to faculty well in advance. As a general rule, they are three business days before the SFU internal deadlines.

2. Prepare and submit (by email or hard copy) a SFU Signature Package no later than the FoE internal signature deadline to the FoE Research Facilitator (edgrants@sfu.ca).

A complete SFU Signature Package includes:

a) Completed SFU Signature Sheet that is signed by the FoE researcher who is the Principal Applicant (principal investigator) of the grant:

  • A finalized budget for each year of funding requested
  • Indication of which certificates will be required for the proposed research (ethical review, biohazard safety, animal care),
  • Indication of any conflicts of interest,
  • Notice of any commitments for teaching release, budgeted salary recovery, space and financial or in-kind commitments expected from the FoE or SFU.

b)  Any agency forms that require signature

c)  A draft proposal or research abstract

d)  Budget justification (all line items for expenses need to be included)

e)  For Adjuncts and Limited Term Faculty – Appointment Forms that indicate your research appointment spans the term of the grant or contract you are applying for. If you will require an extension of your appointment, this process needs to be done well in advance of submitting your funding application.

f)  For research contracts, ORS will also request signatures for Contract Approval Memos to be signed by the Dean. These are typically signed after SFU Signature Sheet and the contract has been approved by all parties.

3. The FoE Research Facilitator will obtain the signature of the Associate Dean, Academic and Research (and the Dean’s signature when applicable) and return the SFU Signature Sheet to the researcher. The FoE Research Facilitator will submit the SFU Signature Sheet to ORS for institutional signature. The researcher will receive an acknowledgement of receipt from ORS.

4. FoE will keep a copy of the signed SFU Signature Sheet for research account tracking purposes.