Visiting Scholars

Dr. Romee Lee

Dr. Lee visited the Faculty of Education from May to June 2017 to work directly with Dr. Steve Marshall and Dr. Valia Spiliotopoulos. She visited classes across SFU, where ongoing research around pluri/multilingual education is conducted. She also advised faculty and colleagues within the Centre of English Language Learning, Teaching and Research (CELLTR) regarding the implementation of supports for multilingual students in higher education.


Dr. Wiske Rotinsulu

Dr. Rotinsulu began her visit by attending the 9th World Environmental Education Congress and the follow on UN University Workshop that Dr. David Zandvliet chaired in downtown Vancouver lasting 7 days (September 9-15th). The congress was held on location at the Vancouver Centre and she attended a variety of sessions reflecting her interests and diverse perspectives on environmental education – particularly as it applies in developing countries. Following the congress and workshops she began planning for the next Indonesia Field School that will be held in July 2018 with a weeklong series of meetings based at the Surrey campus.  Dr. Rotinsulu also attended a variety of special events and meetings including an SFU Alumni event downtown and a consultation with SFU International.  In addition to these meetings, Dr. Rotinsulu attended several meetings and information sessions with International Services for Students and the Faculty of Education at the Burnaby campus.  Highlights of her visit included a renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding between SFU and UNSRAT, a renewed Indonesia field school curriculum and several new ideas for continuing research collaboration between Dr. Rotinsulu, Dr. Zandvliet and other colleagues from Universitas Sam Ratulangi.

Dr. Yanhong [Cathy] Zhang

Dr. Yanhong Zhang, from Guangxi University in China, has conducted research on her own project and will collaborate with Dr. Roumiana Ilieva and other researchers associated with the Centre for Research on International Education (CRIE) at SFU. She has presided over the project “strategy of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education in Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN)” funded by Guangxi government and collaborated in research that looks into ASEAN’ educational cooperation with Canada. Dr. Yanhong will compare status of educational cooperation between China and Canada, finally making a report to Education Office, Embassy of the P.R China. Her contributions also include regional cooperation and educational strategy, e-learning and ICT integration in higher education, learning science and technologies.

Dr. Chunrong Zhao

Dr. Chunrong Zhao is currently visiting the Faculty of Education from Beijing Open University and working directly with Dr. Steve Marshall. She is attending PhD classes on the Languages, Cultures, and Literacies program to learn more about graduate teachings of multilingual and multicultural education in Canada. Attending research meetings, she is also involved with "Plurilingualism as an Asset for Learning across the Disciplines at SFU" project, led by Dr. Marshall and Dr. Danièle Moore. In the Spring of 2018, Dr Chunrong will be collaborating again with Dr. Marshall and colleagues on the development of online teaching resources to help students develop their academic English skills here at SFU. She is aiming to bring some new ideas to her work at Beijing Open University, which is part of the Open University of China, an institution that teaches online courses to approximately 3.5 million students across the country.

Dr. Neha Shivhare

Dr. Neha Shivhare is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education, Dayalbagh Educational Institute in Agra, and presently is visiting Simon Fraser University, where she is collaborating with Professor David Kaufman in his projects on the theme Digital to Social Learning. She is an ISO certified Internal Auditor and has been a recipient of the Director’s Medal and President’s Medal for her extraordinary academic achievement at the University level.  During her visit, Dr. Shivhare is discussing and exploring possibilities for future research in the area of digital learning from a pedagogical perspective and a gerontological  benefits perspective with faculty members at  Simon Fraser University. She hopes  to exchange ideas for collaborative educational programs between SFU and her university in India.