Transformative Change

This research project is based on a new EdD program developed around a multi-disciplinary approach to a problem for which there is presently no one answer. The goal is to produce a book based on knowledge gleaned from a cross-section of thinkers (both instructors and students). It is a blended delivery to high achieving professionals with a proven record in transformative thinking.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Carolyn Mamchur
Co-Investigator: Dr. David Kaufman

How This Project is Carried Out

Students and instructors work as one large group with sub groups throughout the program, based on a developmental model of instruction where one course does not end but moves into the next with knowledge moving forward to the next level of understanding.

The research course is not taught as a separate course, but is blended into each course so that the student works on his or her research problem from the very beginning – refining and rediscovering as a transformative process.

This program is not designed to learn about transformation. It is designed to be transformative. Students are aided by a writing consultant and an advisory council to enhance their experience and to free instructors to work on research and transformative activities with the students.

Because this course has a different approach to earning the degree, we have decided to document and research the process from inception to delivery to graduation. Chris Groenboer is documenting all the meetings with the team of instructors. She will remain the principal investigator for the entire time.

Why This Project Matters

The research conducted by the instructors and the students involved in this program will result in a text for instructors and graduate students who want to learn how to create opportunities for transformational learning in their jurisdictions, be they health, education, industry or the arts.

Each student will work on a particular educational challenge that is systemic to them and their place of employment