Why Aboriginal Students Stay or Leave University?

The main goal of the research project is to identify the key factors that help and hinder students completing their university program. This project aims to understand student experiences at two universities through one-on-one interviews and talking circles with current and former Aboriginal students.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Patrick Walton
Co-Investigator: Dr. Michelle Pidgeon
Funding Agency: SSHRC Insight Grant 2011

How This Project is Carried Out

Building on the importance of inter-generational role modelling and capacity building within Indigenous research paradigms, the research team included the co-investigators, Aboriginal graduate and undergraduate students hired as RAs.

Why This Project Matters

This project matters on several levels. It aims to empower Aboriginal student voice regarding their experiences in university. The results of this project will also help universities better understand how to support Aboriginal students in their post-secondary journey.

Where to Learn More

Please contact either Dr. Patrick Walton (Thompson Rivers University; pwalton@tru.ca) or Dr. Michelle Pidgeon (Simon Fraser University; michelle_pidgeon@sfu.ca) if you have any questions or wish more information regarding this project.