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For over 50 years, SFU's Faculty of Education has been pushing boundaries. Taking a non-traditional, community-first approach, we have become a leader in educational research and a pathfinder in Canadian teacher education — having successfully developed over 20,000 teachers. 

Whether you are still in high school, currently completing a Bachelor's degree, a recent graduate, or an experienced education paraprofessional, the Faculty of Education offers a range of professional programs to help you to become a certified elementary or secondary teacher

It’s just a wonderful program. The faculty associates and school associates that are involved in this program support you in every way that they can. They really guide you in becoming a great teacher.

- Addy Trevelyan, PDP Graduate 

Professional Development Program (PDP)

Do you have a Bachelor's degree or are you going to complete one? 

If you are an aspiring elementary or secondary teacher, this full-time, 16-month, post-degree program can help you get certified and complete an optional Bachelor of Education as a second degree. 

For more information, contact PDP Admissions:

  • SFU Burnaby Campus, Faculty of Education, EDB 8630
  • Phone: (778) 782-3559
  • Email:

* Submit by January 31, 2020

Professional Linking Program (PLP) 

Are you an experienced education paraprofessional interested in teaching?

If you have at least two years of experience and are currently working at least three days per week, this part-time, 16-month program can help you become a certified elementary or secondary teacher.

For more information, contact PLP Admissions:

  • SFU Surrey Campus, Faculty of Education, Special Programs Office
  • Phone: 778-782-8974
  • Email:

* Submit by January 31, 2020

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