In-School Coordinator

The In-School Coordinator has an important role to play in the 401 PDP semester, where student teachers are initially placed in a school without a specific mentor teacher (exceptions are made at the Secondary level) for the two-three weeks of School/Community Experiences prior to being assigned a School Associate for the subsequent three-week Classroom Experience.

In-School Coordinator Role and Responsibilities

In-School Coordinators play an important role during the Education 401/402 semester in schools where three or more student teachers are placed for 401/402 Experiences. The In-School Coordinator role can be assumed by an administrator, enrolling teacher, or non-enrolling teacher.

401/402 Experiences is divided into two phases:  School/Community Experiences (one week) and Classroom Experiences (four weeks).  During the one week School/Community Experiences Phase, student teachers are placed with a specific classroom teacher, but spend most of their time becoming acquainted with the flow and structure of the school in which they are placed.  Student teachers explore different teaching and learning environments (e.g. Resource, Library, Aboriginal Education, EAL) through contact with a variety of teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and support staff, as well as learning about and participating in events sponsored by organizations working within and in support of the school. The In-School Coordinator develops the schedule for student teachers experiences, observations, and interactions within the school for the one week School/Community Experiences.

The professional role during the 401/402 Experiences is that of mentor and guide, rather than evaluator.  The In-School Coordinator is not responsible for formal evaluation of student teachers during the 401/402 semester. However, informal oral and written feedback concerning student teacher practice is very valuable in supporting the development of these future colleagues in the profession.

In-School Coordinators receive two Tuition Fee Credits (TFCs) for their role in 401/402 School/Community Experiences.