What is a School Associate?

A School Associate is a teacher currently working in the BC school system who is willing to mentor pre-service teachers.

Why would a teacher want to become a School Associate?

There are many reasons why acting as a School Associate is a professionally enriching experience. Mentoring student teachers provides an opportunity for teachers to work collaboratively and develop shared understanding around the complexities of learning and teaching, stimulates reflection on one’s own instructional practice, and invites discussion of educational issues. Mentorship of student teachers is also a way to give back to the teaching profession.

To show our appreciation to teachers who mentor our student teachers, SFU offers School Associates up to four Tuition Fee Credits per term, which can be applied toward any credit Graduate Diploma, Master's program, Doctoral program or undergraduate course offered by the University.

What is the role of a School Associate?

School Associates play an important role in helping pre-service teachers to make meaning of the vast and complex world of educational practice. School Associates support the Professional Programs' goals and are expected to:

  • schedule regular meetings with student teachers to discuss expectations, instructional responsibilities, and the student teacher’s development;
  • share resources and understandings of what they teach, how and why;
  • provide ongoing feedback, informally and in writing;
  • conference with student teachers and Faculty Associates to discuss the extent and nature of the student teacher’s growth.

How to apply to become a School Associate?

Student teacher placements are confirmed through school administration; therefore, if you are a teacher who is interested in acting as a School Associate, please discuss your interest with the appropriate administrator at your school.

If you have questions about placements, please contact our Placement Coordinators, Cynthia Clerc at sfuedpc@sfu.ca or Janet McCarron at sfuedpm@sfu.ca.

School Associates are needed in the following programs: