2019 Student Teacher Photo Contest

Overall Best Photo Winner





Photographer: Cristina Gambron

Module: Lifework

Location: Como Lake Middle School

Description: This photo was taken for Cristina’s ‘teach your passion’ activity within the PDP Lifeworks module. Here, Cristina is pictured creating a felting piece inspired by her favourite picture book, The Elders are Watching written by David Bouchard and illustrated by Roy Henry Vickers. Using this book, as well as the First Peoples Principles of Learning as a guide, Cristina taught her fellow Lifework student teachers the value of patience, connection, and story. Through this lesson on the art of felting, individuals were able to explore their own interests as well as the beauty of nature through hands-on learning.





Module Life Category Winner

Photographer: Nadia Bordignon

Module: Playworks

Location: Grouse Mountain

Description: This picture was taken while snowshoeing on Grouse Mountain. The name of the artist who carved it was Kwatam-us, or as he was also known by his English name,  Richard Krentz.  Kwatam-us was a part of the Squamish First Nation and carved this into the dead standing tree. He did this as a tribute to honour his grandmother who had passed away while the Hiwus Feasthouse was being built on the mountain in the late 1990's. 

Module Life Category Runner-Up

Photographer: Michael Edmondson

Module: IPTEM

Location: Empire Field Playground

Description: I was with my IPTEM module mates, Kim, Holli and Kate on the day of our community scan. At the time, we were all assigned to Templeton Secondary for our first experience in a school and Kate was giving us a grand tour of the neighbourhood. The picture looks like fun... but all I remember is feeling anxiety about teaching. I wish I could go back to that moment and tell us about the surprises and challenges we would face… and how things would turn out... and how we would all be alright. I wish I could have relaxed earlier and been a better module mate to these people who pushed me to be a better teacher. I wish I could have had more fun and enjoyed the struggle along side these people more. It’s strange to want to return to an intensely uncomfortable time and do it again… to do it better. Maybe that's something teacher training did to me. Or maybe I’m wrong and it was the triumph captured here in this image.

In the Classroom Category Winner

Photographer: Nicole Shen

Module: Burnaby Community

Location: Chaffey-Burke Elementary

Description: This was taken during Nicole's EDUC 401/2 classroom experience and it is a photo of a grade 1 student practicing his spelling words for the week. 

In the Classroom Category Runner-Up

Photographer: Indrasani Mursalim

Module: FPA

Location: Wowk Elementary

Description: This photo was taken in the library where I conducted a grade 4/5 music class. Usually, the students would return the school ukulele to the storage room themselves, but on this day, I asked them to leave the instruments on the table so that they could go back to their classroom on time (thus the 'organized chaos’ seen on the photo). For this school experience, my school associate was an itinerant band teacher, and we would go to four schools in a week, teaching over 350 students! Therefore, the name tags strewn on the table was one strategy for learning students' names. (The name tags would be perched on the music stand during music class.)

People Category Winner

Photographer: Kate Muzyka

Module: PLP 22

Location: Grouse Mountain

Description: We were attending a teacher orientation, nature hike and aboriginal program. It was a beautiful day and much needed nature break from EDUC 405! We have become firm friends since then and this really summarized one of the highlights of our learning journey. I’m from the UK, Chelsea is from Singapore and Kirsten is part aboriginal so it really summarizes who we are and what we bring to our diverse classrooms. 

People Category Runner-Up

Photographer: LaTaya Prato

Module: ITEM India

ITEM Experiences Category Winner

Photographer: Taelor Merrit

Module: ITEM India

Location: Alleppey, India

Description: A couple of my friends from the program and I decided to do a canoeing trip of the backwaters. In the photo, you can see the front of our canoe and a bird trying to catch a fish in the water, as well as some of the lush scenery the town had to offer. I'm not sure what type of bird it was but it was nice to have caught one in action.

ITEM Experiences Category Runner-Up

Photographer: Tara McCulloch

Module: ITEM Mexico