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Program Structure

Semester 1, Fall


  • NLC Education 220: Introduction to Educational Psychology
  • SFU Education 352: Building on Reflective Practice (non-degreed students only; degreed students take Education 252 from the AA curriculum) 
  • SFU Education 472-412: Designs for Learning: Elementary Language Arts or Design for Learning: Secondary Language Arts
  • SFU Education 475: Designs for Learning: Elementary Mathematics
  • SFU Upper-Division Elective by Distance Education (for non-degreed students only)

Semester 2, Spring
EDUC 401/402: Integration of Theory and Practice (15 credits)

During the second semester, student teachers focus on continuing their transition from student to teacher by participating in seminars and workshops that promote critical inquiry and reflection. As they become more familiar with theories and research related to teaching and learning, they also have the opportunity to gain more experience working in schools and other educational communities.

Semester 3, Summer
EDUC 404: Professional Coursework (15 credits)

In the third semester, student teachers take four to six professional courses related to teaching methods and practices. A minimum of 15 upper division EDUC units is required. For those pursing the secondary option in the AHCOTE program, this semester is spent at SFU’s Burnaby campus taking specialized methodology courses in one’s teachable majors and/or minors.

Semester 4, Fall
EDUC 405: Teaching Practicum (15 credits)

In the fourth and final semester, student teachers complete a full-time, supervised teaching practicum at a local school. Practicums are completed over 10 weeks and final placement location is determined by many factors. A student teacher's performance in the classroom during their practicum will be used to help assess their personal progress and professional readiness for certification with the Teacher Certification Branch of the BC Ministry of Education.