Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do if my certificate has lapsed?

You must contact the TCB to see if this program is right for you.

How long is the HEART program?

This is a one semester program including a 2-week orientation and preparation time on campus, followed by a 10-week practicum in a BC public school.

Am I responsible for finding my own practicum placement?

No. The Placement Coordinators arrange all practicum placements. Students are not to solicit or make practicum placement requests. While every effort is made to place students in schools within a reasonable distance from their homes, students should be prepared to travel up to 90 km (approximately one hour by car and longer by transit) to their school placement.

Will I be able to work at the same time that I am in the HEART program?

HEART students are strongly discouraged from working while in the HEART program. EDUC 406 requires students to participate in a full-time practicum in a school-based classroom, and participating in paid work outside of this committment to the classroom could compromise the successful completion of the program.

Do I also submit an application to SFU Undergraduate Admissions in addition to my HEART application?

Yes. You must apply to SFU undergraduate admissions by the appropriate deadline date. If you are a previous SFU student, you can apply for reactivation.

What is the cost of the HEART program?

Simon Fraser University assesses undergraduate tuition fees in accordance with a schedule of fees based primarily on the number of units in which the student enrols. Tuition for the 2019/20 academic year is $192.03/credit; EDUC 406 is 12 credits. HEART students will also be assessed additional mandatory supplementary fees.