Professional Development Program

Secondary Admission Requirements

Completed before applying to the PDP

  • GPA 2.5+ (approximately last 60 units of undergraduate coursework)

Completed one semester before starting the PDP (by April 30)

  • 2 English or French* courses (minimum 6 units with 3 units of literature)

For more information, view the chart of acceptable courses

Completed before starting the PDP (by August 31)

* English or French Literature Courses

French literature and composition may be substituted for English courses for applicants of the French module. Please note that this may prohibit completion of a B.Ed. as a second degree during the PDP.  For a list of accepted prerequisite courses offered at SFU and other BC post-secondary institutions, please refer to the Chart of Acceptable Courses.

English prerequisite courses must be completed at least one semester before starting the PDP. Applicants may apply providing official transcripts by January 31 showing their English prerequisite courses still in-progress (providing they are completed by April 30). 

French prerequisite courses must be completed before starting the PDP. Applicants may apply providing official transcripts showing their French prerequisite courses still in-progress (providing they are completed by August 31).

Bachelor's Degree

All applicants must have a completed Bachelor's degree before starting the PDP. For applicants interested in secondary education, a minimum 120-unit degree is required. Applicants may submit their PDP application with their degree still in-progress (providing that it is completed by August 31).

Teachable Subjects

Secondary applicants must have a major or two minors in the following subjects:

In the PDP, Theatre, Dance, Computing Science and Physical Education (Kinesiology) are considered to be teachable minors and must be combined with another teachable subject. 

Majors and Minors

The exact requirements for majors and minors vary by faculty and department.  

  • A major is approximately 12-18 units of lower division coursework (100 and 200 level courses), plus approximately 28-30 units of upper division coursework (300 and 400 level courses), all in one subject;
  • A minor is approximately 12-15 units of lower division coursework, plus approximately 14-18 units of upper division coursework all in one subject; 

Please refer to the SFU Calendar for the specific major and minor requirements. Please note that not all university majors and minors translate into teachable subjects in BC secondary schools. 

French Language Requirement - French module only

Applicants who are applying to the French module, including Francophone, must submit a French Language Assessment (DELF-DALF) with their PDP application. For more information, please visit the French Language Requirement page or contact the Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (OFFA).

Previous Experience

Before applying to the PDP, applicants should have demonstrable experience working with children or youth, or helping others learn. It is strongly recommended that all applicants spend time observing or volunteering in BC secondary schools.


For the September 2020 intake, PDP applications must be submitted online between October 1, 2019 and January 31, 2020. Applications received by November 30, 2019 may be considered for early acceptance. Applicants may start the online application form and work on it over time. However, late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

FAQ: Can I start my PDP application and finish it later? Yes! You can start the online application form and work on it over time. We recommend starting the application process early to avoid missing deadlines.