Professional Development Program

An Enhanced Learning Experience

The Faculty of Education, SFU Senate, and the British Columbia Teachers' Council recently approved a plan to enhance the long-standing Professional Development Program (PDP). Read the news story here.  

Starting September 2018, the PDP will be introducing a new semester called EDUC 400: Foundations of Education and Schooling. The new introductory semester is designed to retain the many strengths of the PDP while creating space to provide student teachers with an even stronger scholarly foundation on which to build their careers.

The introduction of EDUC 400 will not affect the program's admission requirements or application process; however, there will now be one annual intake in September each year. For more information about the program changes please register to attend an upcoming Information Session.

Hear what our teachers have to say about the changes:  

Starting September 2018:

  • 4 semesters
  • 16 months
  • Annual intake (September)
  • EDUC 400: Foundations of Education & Schooling

Why is the PDP changing?

Since 1965, the PDP has been developing outstanding new teachers. In fact, it has developed over 20,000 teachers over the last 50 years. To ensure the program's continued success, student teachers must be provided the necessary time, support, and resources to fully prepare for a career in education. The new semester has been designed to do just that. EDUC 400 will create space and help student teachers to situate the work of teachers and teaching on a broad scholarly foundation. It will also better equip them to continue their professional development, using inquiry and critical reflection, throughout their careers.

What is EDUC 400? 

Starting September 2018, EDUC 400: Foundations of Education & Schooling will become the first semester of the PDP. In EDUC 400, student teachers will start their learning journey by exploring the historical, philosophical, social and cultural foundations of education and schooling. Working as part of a Professional Learning Community (PLC), student teachers will explore foundational themes, begin their guided inquiry, and participate in focused learning experiences in schools and educational communities.  

What are the benefits? 

The overarching goal of the PDP is to prepare outstanding new teachers. This is not just someone who is committed to, and capable of, serving their students and communities, but who is also capable of, and committed to, their own ongoing professional learning and development. The introduction of EDUC 400 supports this goal by allowing the time required for students to become such teachers. EDUC 400 will give students teachers a stronger scholarly foundation and more opportunity to develop professional orientations and identities that recognize the responsibilities of practising teachers. Student teachers who successfully complete the program will still be recommended to the TRB for a Teaching Certificate and may also have the option of completing a BEd as a second degree during the program.  

When is the PDP changing?          

EDUC 400 will become part of the program structure from September 2018. As a result, the PDP will be increasing from three-semesters to four-semesters and will take 16 months to complete. 

Will the changes affect the application process? 

The PDP's admission requirements and application process remain unchanged. PDP applications can still be submitted online; however, there will be one annual intake in September each year. Please check the PDP application deadlines for each intake.