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Program Cohort and Placement FAQs

Can I choose which Cohort I want to participate in?

If you are interested in participating in the French Module, ITEM, or IPTEM, please declare this as part of your PDP application. We cannot guarantee placement in a specific PLC or module, but we make every effort to honour students’ survey requests. 
Each Module of the PDP addresses the core matters of diversity, equity, Indigeneity, literacy, numeracy, ecology, technology, artistry and creativity, and health and physical activity.   

Does the Module I am in determine where I do my placements?

Participation in a specific Module does not guarantee placement at a particular school or district. During the EDUC 401/402 and EDUC 405 semesters, your school and practicum placements will be determined by a wide variety of factors, including teachable subject area, transportation options, school availability, and more.

Can I request a placement at a particular school?

The Placement Office arranges all practicum placements. Students cannot be placed in schools where there may be a conflict of interest such as previous volunteer work or where a family member works or attends.  Upon admission, student teachers will complete a survey to indicate their grade level preference, means of transportation, and any schools with which they have a prior relationship. 

Can I change the Cohort I am in?  

Placement in a specific PLC or module is not guaranteed. Please be aware that an internal (Faculty of Education) decision may result in your PLC or module placement changing prior to the start of the semester. If the Faculty of Education changes your PLC or module placement, you will be notified. 

Does the Module or placement affect my employability at the end of the program?

Participation in a specific Cohort does not affect your employability at the end of the program. Regardless of which module you participate in, if you successfully complete the PDP, you will be recommended to the Teacher Certification Branch of the BC Ministry of Education for a teaching certificate.

Where are placements generally located?

Placements are located throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. While every effort is made to place students in schools within a reasonable distance from their homes, students should be prepared to travel up to 90 km (approximately one hour by car and longer if by transit) to their school placement. Please update your address in goSFU AND advise the Placement Office as well.