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Our office is open and supporting students and applicants remotely. We will respond to you during normal business hours. 


Is the PDP a full-time program? Is there a part-time or distance education option of the PDP?

The PDP is a full-time, 16-month program with a single, annual intake each  September. There is no part-time or distance education option. 

How competitive is the PDP?

On average, we receive 900-1100 applications and admit 350-425 student teacher each year. Each teachable subject has a specific number of seats available.

What is the difference between the PDP and the Bachelor of Education (BEd)?

The PDP is a post-degree teacher education program offered by the Faculty of Education's Professional Programs. It is for anyone who wants to teach K-12 and get their BC teaching certificate. Most applicants complete a bachelor's degree before applying to the PDP. If you are admitted, you may have the option of completing a Bachelor of Education as a second degree during the program — without adding extra time or cost. 

The BEd is a 150-unit first degree offered by the Faculty of Education's Undergraduate Programs. Students can only apply to the BEd once they have completed 60 units of undergraduate coursework. To complete this program, students MUST be admitted to the PDP for their final year. Visit our website for more information on our Undergraduate degree options

Can international students apply to the PDP?

Yes, international students can apply to the PDP. The International Services for Students (ISS) can help you with questions regarding study permit and other documents. Contact them at

Can I apply to the PDP if my degree is from outside of Canada? 

Applicants with recognized degrees from outside of Canada can be considered for admission to the PDP. Applicants should refer to our admission requirements page for specific course/content requirements.

If you have specific questions about meeting the academic admission requirements you can send a copy of your transcripts to: Please ensure you indicate whether you are intending to teach at the elementary or secondary elevel. If secondary, please include the teachable subject(s).


Can I apply to the PDP if I am still finishing my degree?

Yes, you can still apply provided your degree will be completed before starting the PDP (by the end of August).

As part of your PDP application, you will need to submit a letter from an academic advisor at your institution stating that you will be completing your degree in the summer semester/term. The letter can be emailed to our office at and should be received by April 1st.

How do you calculate GPA?

The GPA is calculated on your most recent 60 units/credits (minimum) of undergraduate level coursework. We use all courses completed each term (e.g. we do not stop in the middle of a term when 60 units is reached). We use the higher of the two grades if you a repeat course. Percentage grades from other universities are converted to the SFU Standard Grade System for GPA calculation. Applicants are required to have a minimum 2.50 (on the 4.33 scale).

Will the program accept P grades for the course prerequisites?

Course pre-requisites: A grade of P or CR will be sufficient in order to meet the course prerequisite mark/grade for admission to our teacher education programs.

Failed courses: Should you fail the course, then it would not meet the requirement.

Do you have a list of acceptable courses to meet the pre-requisites?

Yes, we have provided a Chart of Acceptable Courses offered by Simon Fraser University and other BC post-secondary level institutions. 

We also have a specific chart for Secondary - Social Studies Requirements. This chart lists SFU courses only. The equivalent courses can be completed at another institution.

Please note: These charts do not include every eligible course at the institutions named, but provides a sampling of appropriate courses from British Columbia. These courses reflect current offerings – other courses may previously have been acceptable in satisfying the prerequisites.

Please email our office at if you have any questions about the charts.

Can I apply without a pre-requisite? (e.g. English Literature)

You should be registered in, or have previously completed, the pre-requisite course requirements prior to submitting your application for the PDP. This includes 6 units of English Literature (elementary and secondary), as well as 3 units of Canadian History, Canadian Geography, Mathematics for Teachers (SFU Math 190 or equivalent) and Lab Science (elementary only).

We require official transcripts showing registration in (or completion of) the required courses at the time of application. All pre-requisites must be completed by April 30th.

If I have a declared math major or minor, do I need to take the Mathematics for Teachers (SFU Math 190 or equivalent) course? (Elementary applicants only)

No. If you have a declared math major or minor and are applying to teach at the elementary level you do not need to complete the Mathematics for Teachers pre-requisite course. 

Please note: the math major or minor must show on your transcript. 

Do I need to take the Mathematics for Teachers pre-requisite course if I have taken a calculus or other math course at the post-secondary level? (Elementary applicants only)

Yes, you will need to take the Mathematics for Teachers course. The only exception is if you are a declared math major or minor student (see question above for details). We do not accept pre-calculus, calculus, finite math or statistics courses to meet this requirement.

Can I use a kinesiology lab course to meet the lab science requirement? (Elementary applicants only)

No, we do not accept kinesiology courses to meet the lab science requirement. Please refer to the Elementary Chart of Acceptable Courses for acceptable lab science courses.

Do applicants to the French Module have different deadline dates for pre-requisites?

Yes, there are different deadline dates for French Module applicants. Due to the competitive nature of the program, we strongly suggest that applicants have the pre-requisites in-progress or completed by the time of admission (by January). However, French Module applicants have until April 1st to show proof of enrollment in the pre-requisites and until August 31st to complete any pre-requisite coursework. 

Please note: applicants that are not enrolled in the pre-requisites by January 31st cannot be considered for English-speaking modules (this includes IPTEM and ITEM).

Is volunteer experience required? How many hours are required or recommended for the PDP?

There is no minimum number of hours that we require. However, we highly recommend that applicants spend time observing, volunteering and/or working in B.C. K–12 classroom(s) before applying

The program is very competitive and most successful applicants enter the PDP with extensive volunteer experience in a B.C. classroom setting. This experience can help you decide if teaching is a profession you wish to pursue. Applicants to the French Module are encouraged to have experience in BC French classrooms.


What transcripts do I need to submit to the PPS Admissions Office?

The PPS Admissions office requires all post-secondary transcripts (college, university, institutes, exchange programs) at the undergraduate and graduate level. We also require College Board Advanced Placement (AP) transcripts and International Baccalaureate (IB) transcripts if you have received post-secondary transfer credit for them.

The SFU Undergraduate Admissions office may ask for secondary (high school) level transcripts if they cannot determine that you meet the SFU Literacy or Quantitative requirement with your post-secondary transcripts.

Do I need to order and submit the official Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) transcripts to the PPS Admissions Office if I received post-secondary transfer credits for them?

Yes, you must have the official transcripts sent to our office if you have received post-secondary transfer credit for AP or IB coursework.

Does the PPS Admissions office require my high school transcript?

No, the PPS Admissions office does not require your high school transcript. However, you may be asked to submit your secondary (high school) transcript to the SFU Undergraduate Admissions Office if they cannot determine if you meet the SFU Literacy or Quantitative requirement with your post-secondary transcripts.

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I have an international transcript. Do you need my transcript translated?

The PPS Admissions office will need an official transcript in the original language as well as an official English translation. Transcripts in French do not need to be translated.


What is the French Module? 

The PDP French module is intended for applicants that want to teach in the French Immersion, Core French (French as a Second Language Elementary of Secondary), or Francophone programs.  The majority of this module is taught in French.

Applicants must indicate at the time of admission their interest in this module. They must also submit an acceptable DELF/DALF score (unless they are from a Francophone country with all of your post-secondary schooling in French). Questions on DELF/DALF exemptions should be directed to

Elementary Core French or French Immersion:

Applicants who apply to the elementary stream are considered for both the French Module and the general elementary stream of PDP Iif they have completed 6 units of English Literature with an acceptable DELF/DALF result). All pre-requisites must be completed by April 30th. 

Applicants that complete only French Literature or do not have the pre-requisite courses complete by April 30th are only considered for the French Module.

Secondary Core French:

Applicants must have a major or minor in French Language & Literature, and enter the French Module. They also must have a DELF/DALF result unless they are from a francophone country with all their post-secondary schooling in French. 

Secondary Core French with a second teachable: 

Applicants who have completed 6 units of English Literature, their second teachable does not need to be taught in French (e.g. they could teach PE for example in English). If they do not complete the English Literature requirement, they need to have a DALF C1 score to teach both Secondary subjects in French Immersion.

Secondary French Immersion/Francophone:

Applicants who apply to the secondary stream for French Immersion (with a non-Core French teachable) must provide a DALF C1 score, and will be placed in the French Module. They are considered for both the French Module and general secondary stream of PDP (only if they have completed 6 units of English Literature by April 30th.)

For more information see:

What is the International Teacher Education Module (ITEM)? 

ITEM is a PDP English-language module that focuses on the internationalization of education. Applicants must indicate at the time of admission their interest in this module and submit a letter of intent.

ITEM completes the EDUC 401/2, 404, and 405 semesters in the Lower Mainland, but will travel to India or Mexico for 7-8 weeks of the EDUC 400 semester.

For more information see:

What is the Indigenous Perspectives Teacher Education Module (IPTEM)? 

IPTEM is a PDP module that focuses on two pressing issues in education today; increasing the number of First Nations teachers in BC; and augmenting the knowledge, skills, and understandings of non-Indigenous people teaching and working with First Nations children and youth.

Applicants do not have to be Indigenous to apply to this module. 

Applicants must indicate at the time of admission their interest in this module and submit a letter of intent. Due to demand, we cannot guarantee placement in this module. 

For more information see:


  What does it mean if I have been waitlisted?

The PDP is a competitive program and we receive more applications than we have seats available. An application on the Waitlist has not been denied.  Waitlist means that the applicant has neither been offered admission nor denied and is still in the competition for a seat.

We encourage Waitlisted applicants to check their email (junk mail/spam folders) for an admission decision on a regular basis.

Waitlist position is determined by composite score and the number of applicants to each teachable area. We do not immediately give out your waitlist position number, as it could change at any time. As applicants withdraw application or decline their offer of admission to the PDP, the waitlist number changes. Waitlists move all summer. Waitlist position information will be available to applicants starting on August 1st.

Please email for your waitlist position after August 1st.

 Can I defer my acceptance to the PDP?

You may apply to defer your offer of admission for one intake e.g. Fall 2021 to Fall 2022. Deferrals are approved for students with medical conditions or with extenuating circumstances that prevent them from entering the program. Documentation is required (e.g. medical note). Requests must be submitted prior to the start of the program. Deferrals are not granted for students who plan on attending another post-secondary institution, for employment purposes or for students who are not financially prepared to attend SFU.

To submit a deferral request for the PDP, please email  

If your deferral request is approved you will need to contact the SFU Undergraduate Admissions Office and request a deferral of your admission to the University.

More Questions?

Contact the PPS Admissions office for further assistance: