Professional Development Program

Professional Development Program - FAQs

SFU and the Faculty of Education are following the latest information and recommendations about COVID-19 from regional and provincial medical health officers. 

Our campuses may be closed but our offices are open and we continue to support our students, faculty and staff remotely.

For more information, please review the list of FAQs below or contact our team via email. We will respond to you during normal working hours.  

Current Applicants

1. What position am I on the waitlist?

The waitlist position information is now available for Fall 2020 PDP Applicants. Please send an email to for more information. Please see question 2 (below) and continue to check your emails, including your spam/junk folder, for further updates. 

2. When will I receive a decision if I have been waitlisted?

If you are on the waitlist, a decision about your application has not yet been made. This means, you haven't been accepted or denied but you are still in the competition for a seat.

If another student withdraws their application or declines an offer of admission, you will move up the waitlist. The process will continue until the fall semester starts in September (PDP) or January (PLP) and all seats are filled. 

If a seat becomes available, you will be notified by email. 

3. I have requested an appointment to review my application (unsuccessful and waitlisted applicants only) and have not received an appointment date or time. When will I be given an appointment?

Please send an email to if you would like to book an appointment with the PDP Manager, Admissions and Recruitment to review your application. You can expect a response within 5-7 business days, but please be patient as it may take longer. We will send you an email with an appointment date and time as soon as one becomes available. 

4. How can I submit my final grades if your offices are closed?

PDP Admissions:

  • Please arrange to have your final, official transcript mailed to the PDP Admissions Office once your final grades are available. We will add it to your application. If you are completing your degree requirements this Spring or Summer, please make sure that this transcript will show “proof of degree” once it is conferred.
  • If your institution cannot send an official transcript by mail to our office, please email an unofficial transcript to in the interim.

PLP Admissions:

  • Please submit an unofficial transcript via email to once your final grades are available.
  • Arrange to also have your final, official transcript mailed to the Special Programs Faculty of Education Office at the SFU Surrey campus once your final grades are available. We will add it to your file and update our records once we are able to process mailed documents again. 

5. I have questions regarding my SFU Undergraduate Admissions application.

Please contact SFU Undergraduate Admissions directly at:

6. What happens if my final exam has been cancelled/moved to a later date?

For PDP applicants:

  • Due to COVID-19, we are being flexible with the course exam dates. Please let us know if and when your exam has been rescheduled to by the post-secondary institution.
  • If your exams have not been rescheduled for the Spring semester, our offices expect the coursework to be completed by the original deadline.

For PLP applicants who must complete courses by end of August:

  • If the current pandemic affects the PLP’s prerequisite deadline, we will notify PLP candidates, but at this time, the deadline of August 31, 2020 stands. 
  • PLP candidates who encounter extenuating circumstances regarding prerequisite completion should contact the Special Programs office at as these will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

7. I am not sure whether I should take a P in my course this term.

Course prerequisites: A grade of P will be sufficient in order to meet the “course prerequisite” course mark/grade for admission to the PDP.

Failed courses: Should you fail the course, then it would not meet the requirement as normal.

Future Applicants

1. What if schools do not re-open and I am unable to gain volunteer experience in the classroom?

Given the current situation with COVID-19, we recognize that recent volunteer experience in schools and other educational settings may be limited or difficult to obtain. Before applying to the PDP, we recommend that you gain experience (volunteer or paid) working with children or youth at the age level you wish to teach. This may include, but is not limited to, spending time volunteering or observing in BC schools and classrooms.

2. My classes are now being graded on a Pass/Fail basis. How may this impact my future application?

Our teacher education programs will be accepting P grades for meeting the pre-requisites. SFU P Grades will not be used in the calculation of your GPA for admission.

3. I have questions about my academic history and if I’ll be eligible for the SFU's teacher education programs. Is there someone in the office that I can call or make a virtual appointment with?

Although our campuses are closed, the University is open virtually. We recommend that you attend an information session (currently being offered by webinar) to learn more about the Professional Development Program. Please feel free to email our office if you have any questions. There may be a delay in responding to your emails due to the high volume that we receive. 

Still got questions?

Contact the PDP Admissions team for assistance at