Professional Development Program

Program Outcomes 

The Professional Development Program (PDP) has 10 program goals that student teachers must satisfy in order to successfully complete the 16-month program. Upon successful completion, student teachers are recommended by SFU for a Teaching Certificate with the Teacher Certification Branch of the BC Ministry of Education.

Optional: Bachelor of Education (BEd) as a second degree

With careful course and minor selection during the professional coursework  semester (EDUC 404), student teachers have the option of completing a Bachelor of Education (BEd) as a second degree. The BEd can be completed during the program at no additional time or cost.  

To complete the BEd as a second degree, student teachers must have a Bachelor's degree from an approved institution and meet SFU's literacy and quantitative requirements. Student teachers must also:  

  • Take a minimum 15 upper division EDUC units during the EDUC 404 semester, including a Q course;
  • Meet the requirements of an Education minor within the 15 upper division EDUC units;

The BEd as a second degree is an internationally-recognized credential and a great option for student teachers who are considering teaching overseas. Completion of the BEd as a second degree is strictly optional and does not affect the BC Teaching Certificate recommendation in any way.

PDP Admissions