Professional Development Program (PDP)


The Professional Development Program (PDP) has four, full-time semesters that combine professional coursework, multiple field experiences, and a teaching practicum.

Over 16 months, the program not only equips student teachers with the skills to teach in B.C. schools and classrooms, it also uncovers why they want to teach and how to use critical inquiry and reflection as tools for ongoing professional development and lifelong learning. 

SEMESTER 1: EDUC 400 - Foundations of Education & Schooling (15 units)

In EDUC 400 (Sept - Dec), student teachers start their learning journey by exploring the historical, philosophical, social and cultural foundations of Education and schooling. As part of a Professional Learning Community (PLC), student teachers focus on the development of professional orientations and identities that recognize the expectations and responsibilities of practicing teachers. Student teachers also start their inquiry into First Nations Pedagogy and Issues and Special Needs Education as an important basis for EDUC 401/402, and the remainder of the program.

SEMESTER 2: EDUC 401/402 - Integration of Theory & Practice (15 units)

During the second semester of the PDP (Jan - Apr), student teachers continue their transition from student to teacher by joining a Module — a small group of student teachers who work with dedicated teacher educators to explore Education through a particular lens. In their Module, student teachers participate in seminars and workshops that promote critical inquiry and reflection. As they become more familiar with theories and research related to teaching and learning, they also gain more hands-on experience working in schools and educational communities.

SEMESTER 3: EDUC 404 - Professional Coursework (15 units)

During the third semester of the PDP (May - Aug), student teachers take four to six professional courses related to teaching methods and practices. A minimum of 15 upper division EDUC units is required. With careful course and minor selection, student teachers can also complete a Bachelor of Education (BEd) as second degree without adding any extra time or cost to the program. An Advisor will provide more information on this option during the second semester of the program. 

SEMESTER 4: EDUC 405 - Teaching Practicum (15 units)

In the fourth and final semester (Sept - Dec), student teachers complete a full-time, supervised teaching practicum at a B.C. school. The placements is completed over 13 weeks and placement location is determined by a wide variety of factors (see our FAQs for more information). The student teacher's performance in the classroom during their practicum is used to help assess their personal progress and professional readiness for certification with the Teacher Certification Branch of the B.C. Ministry of Education.