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Secondary Admission Requirements

Completion of a 4-year Bachelor's degree, including the following:

  • - At least 1 major OR 2 minors in teachable subject area(s)
  • - 6 credits of English (minimum 3 credits of English literature) completed by August 31 prior to program start in January

PLP applicants must also have a GPA 2.0+ (approximately last 60 units of undergraduate coursework) at the time of application.

Check the Chart of Acceptable Courses offered by SFU and several other BC institutions to ensure you meet the English requirements.


Secondary applicants must have at least one major OR two minors in the following subjects:

In the PLP, TheatreDanceComputing Science and Physical Education (Kinesiology) are considered to be teachable minors and must be combined with another teachable subject.

Majors and Minors

The exact requirements for majors and minors vary by faculty and department.  

  • major is approximately 12-18 units of lower division coursework (100 and 200 level courses), plus approximately 28-30 units of upper division coursework (300 and 400 level courses), all in one subject;
  • minor is approximately 12-15 units of lower division coursework, plus approximately 14-18 units of upper division coursework all in one subject; 

Please refer to the SFU Calendar for the specific major and minor requirements. Please note that not all university majors and minors translate into teachable subjects in BC secondary schools.