Contact PQP Admissions:

  • Phone: 778-782-8974
  • Email:

Application Instructions

A PQP application will include the following items:

Online Application

If you have confirmed your eligiblity to apply to the PQP you may apply to the program via the online application.

The deadline to apply for the January 2022 intake of PQP is on March 31, 2021 (approximately, subject to change).

Letter of Introduction

In your introductory letter you should describe yourself, your teaching background, what your teaching experiences were like for you, and your reasons for applying to the PQP at SFU. This letter should not exceed two pages. 

You will upload your introductory letter to the online application system in PDF format.


Your résumé should detail your teaching experience and your educational background. Your résumé should not be in a narrative or cover letter format, but details are necessary to explain your teaching-related experience. Include the nature of your duties for each teaching-related position you have held, the name of the school/country in which you worked, the length of time you worked, and the total years of experience you have teaching.

You will upload your résumé to the online application system in PDF format.


In your essay you will discuss an experience from your employment as a teacher in your home country and an experience from your volunteer work in a BC classroom and explain:

  • what you learned from these experiences that will help you as an educator in Canada
  • what questions these experiences raise for you related to teaching and learning

If you refer to other people in your essay - especially children or youth with whom you have worked - please change their names and describe your experience with them in such a way that you guard their right to privacy.

Proofread your paper carefully. It will be evaluated based on the overall quality of the writing and the evidence it shows of critical reflection and your potential for and interest in a career in teaching in BC.

Your essay should be 500 - 1000 words long and not exceed 2 single-sided pages using 12-point font with 1 inch margins on all sides. You will upload your essay to the online application system in PDF format.


You will be required to submit the email addresses of three individuals willing to provide a recommendation on your behalf. These should come primarily from a current or past employer or a supervisor of volunteer work who has observed you interacting with children/adolescents in an education setting. One recommendation must come from a BC educator who has observed you in a BC classroom. Recommendations from friends or relatives are not acceptable, even if those friends or relatives are BC educators.


You must submit transcripts for all academic coursework you have completed. The PQP Admissions office will accept copies of international transcripts. You can send scanned copies of your international transcripts via email to, by fax to 778-782-8119, or by mail to the Special Programs Assistant (address below).

All domestic transcripts should be ordered from the institution and mailed to:

Special Programs Assistant
Faculty of Education
Simon Fraser University
250-13450-102 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3T 0A3

Note: if you are offered admission to the PQP, you will be required to apply to SFU to become an undergraduate student by the September 15 deadline. SFU Admissions will require original, official transcripts in sealed envelopes for all academic coursework you have completed.

Teaching Certificates

You will upload copies of any valid teaching certificates you currently hold to the online application system.

TCB Evaluation Letter

You will upload your TCB letter of evaluation to the online application system. If your TCB evaluation is in progress, please inform the PQP Admissions Office.

Application Fee

There is a $60 application fee to apply to the PQP.

Interview Process - Applicants who are evaluated based on their application package as potentially suitable candidates for the PQP will be invited for an interview with the Admissions Committee. The interview allows the Admissions Committee to learn more about you and determine your candidacy for the PQP. Only short-listed applicants are contacted for an interview and the interview does not guarantee an offer of admission to the PQP.

Admission to SFU - All applicants to the PQP must be eligible for admission to SFU. If you have not attended SFU and you have been offered admission to the PQP, you will need to apply for SFU admission after your receive an offer of admission to the PQP. SFU Admissions will require original, official transcripts in sealed envelopes from all academic institutions you have attended. SFU Admissions will not accept copies of transcripts forwarded from our office. PQP applicants who are not admissible to SFU will not be permitted to enrol in the program.

The deadline to apply for admission to SFU is September 15.