About The Learning Hub

Education Building Room 8620 was built in the 1960's as a large open concept classroom, much like other classrooms in that era. Over time, it became difficult to adapt the room to meet the increased demands from the Faculty of Education. The space became conducive to the addition of A/V technology, had poor sound quality (high concrete ceilings and loud HVAC), poor lighting, poor air circulation and poor utilization of space.

The EDB 8620 project encompasses a fully integrated learning environment with two technology-enabled classroom spaces, an interactive/collaborative space (that can serve as 'break-out' spaces for classes) and a social/community lounge. Opportunities for the creation of the space include

  • bringing the space up to 21st century learning standards with regards to a/v equipment and contemporary pedagogical practices
  • providing a space where instructors and students can discover new uses for teaching and learning with advanced technology

Construction completed in Winter 2014, and The Learning Hub opened its doors in January 2014. This space is yours to experience, - to learn, to grow and to experiment. Together, we can lead the way for innovation in education.    

Pilot Study Report: students' usage and perspectives of the Learning Hub

This report provides a summary of the findings of a pilot study of students' initial usuage and experiences of the Learning Hub. To understand the evolving role, functions and effects of the Learning Hub, it is important to capture and understand its users' initial reactions and experiences with the space.

There will be a comprehensive evaluation plan to investigate the short-, mid- and long-term effects of the Learning Hub on user experience, on the development of pedagogy and on learning.

* LearningHubReport_20140414.pdf
Pilot Study Report: students' usage and perspectives of the Learning Hub