Undergraduate Studies in Education

Foundations of Academic Literacy (FAL)

The Foundations of Academic Literacy (FAL) course has been designed to assist new and returning SFU students develop and strengthen their university-level academic literacy skills.

FAL X99 prepares students for success in their writing-intensive (W) courses, specifically courses associated with the SFU Undergraduate Curriculum Initiative — www.sfu.ca/ugcr.html.

Academic literacy is about more than reading effectively and writing well. Students in FAL X99 work independently and in small groups:

  • To express their ideas, and those of others, through written and oral academic literacy;
  • To gain confidence in their ability to take on further studies;
  • To explore and present their ideas in the forms and for the purposes that are typical of a variety of academic disciplines;
  • To apply the knowledge they gain in the FAL X99 course to the discipline-specific practices of their on-going studies; and
  • To receive constructive feedback on their writing.

Please refer to the FAL X99 course outline below for an overview of course topics and assignments.

* FAL Syllabus Fall 2020.pdf
The FAL Course Outline is available here as a PDF download. Last updated: October 2020


Contact the FAL office if you have any questions in regards to the Foundations of Academic Literacy (FAL X99) course at SFU

Phone: 778-782-3166
Email: edugpa@sfu.ca