Undergraduate Studies: Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for internal transfer to Bachelor of General Studies in Education?

Students need to complete 6 units of EDUC coursework with a minimum of 2.0 on the CGPA, UDGPA, EDUC GPA posted on the transcript. Please make an appointment to see the advisor to complete the internal transfer.

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How do I declare a minor in Education?

Students can declare a minor in the Faculty of Education by emailing  educuga@sfu.ca if they have the lower division courses completed or in progress (after week 3).

How do I become a teacher in British Columbia?

Contact the Professional Development Program Admissions office for further information after reviewing their website.

PDP Admissions

PDP Admissions, Faculty of Education

Education Building 8627
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6

Phone: 778-782-3620
Fax: 778-782-5323
Email: pdpadmis@sfu.ca

What Undergraduate Programs are available in the Faculty?

For more information, please see our Programs page.

I have been accepted into the BGS in Education and want to become an elementary school teacher. What courses should I take in my first couple of semesters?

Students completing our BGS in Education and preparing to apply to the Professional Development Program (PDP -- our fulltime teacher education program) at the elementary level should consider enrolling in these courses.

Where can I find course outlines for Education courses?

Education course outlines can be found here.

I have the prerequisites for a course but was unable to register in the course. Why?

If you believe you have the prerequisites, or equivalent courses from another institution or from your first degree, please contact the undergraudate advisor with the relevant transcripts on hand to check whether you are eligible for a waiver.

I want to register in an Education (EDUC) course that has a prerequisite or corequisite, and I have a similar course from another university. Can I still register for the course?

When in doubt, contact the undergraduate advisor to review. You must present relevant transcripts with the equivalent course for a waiver to be granted.

I was unable to register in an EDUC course that only has the prerequisite of 60 credit hours. Why?

The 60 credit hours pertain to all current SFU academic credits shown on you student transcript - not just EDUC credits. Your transcript should indicate your current credit hours.

  • All new students start at 0 credits.
  • If you have 60 or more credits including those in progress, then you are eligible to register for EDUC courses that require the prerequisite of 60 credits.
  • Returning students who hold an SFU degree and have been accepted into a post degree program (e.g., 2nd degree, Post-Baccaulaureate Diploma, or Professional Development Program) should meet the 60 credit hours prerequisite.
  • Students who hold degrees (including returning SFU degree students) who are not in an approved program, will not meet the 60 credit hours prerequisite. If you are one of these students, contact your program departmental advisor before your registration date.

I tried to register into an EDUC course but it's full. How can I be put onto a wait list?

GoSFU allows you to add yourself to the wait list, provided there is space. Once a spot has opened up, students will be automatically enrolled overnight through GoSFU.

What do C100, D100, E100 and F100 mean?

These codes represent various course sections.

  • C100 = distance education/correspondence section
  • D100 = daytime section
  • E100 = evening section
  • F100 = course/section taught in French

Courses with tutorial or lab sections will include additional numbers associated with the main section. For example, D108 indicates that it is the 8th tutorial section of the daytime course.

For complete course code details, refer to the goSFU Course Timetable.

What is the Faculty of Education's percentage breakdown on letter grades?

The Faculty of Education's Undergraduate Programs does not have a breakdown of percentages to letter grades. For example, there is no formal policy that indicates that 95% and above equals an A+, 90-94% an A, and so forth.

However, guidelines are provided to help instructors determine grading practices that are appropriate to their own particular type of course or subject area. At the beginning of a course, the instructor should inform students about the nature of all assignments, criteria for marking all assignments, the weight assigned to each assignment, penalties for late assignments, opportunities to resubmit assignments for marking and, university policy regarding plagiarism and academic dishonesty.

SFU Teaching Policy

How do I appeal a grade?

Your first step is to discuss your concerns with the course instructor. If you cannot come to an acceptable understanding with your instructor you can then appeal in writing to the Director of Undergraduate Programs. You must submit all original marked assignments along with your written appeal. The Director will determine how to proceed with your appeal. If you are still not satisfied then your final option is to appeal to SFU's Senate Appeals Board, Office of the Registrar.

Grade Reconsideration Form

Before requesting a grade appeal, please be aware that your course work could receive a lower mark after reevaluation.

What's the difference between Summer Semester, Intersession and Summer Session?

SFU operates on a tri-semester system whereby courses are held regularly for 13 weeks during each each semester:

  • Spring (January-April)
  • Summer (May-August)
  • Fall (September-December)

Incorporated in the regular Summer Semester are two sessions:

  • Intersession (May-June)
  • Summer Session (July-August)

During these two sessions, courses usually run two or more times per week, meeting the total number of hours required. Many education courses are offered throughout the summer; therefore, please be sure that you have correctly added the required course section and session.

Still have questions? Contact Tina/Kim in Undergraduate Programs.