Undergraduate Studies in Education

Bachelor of General Studies in Education


The BGS in Education requires successful completion of 120 units, including 45 units of upper division (third and fourth year) units. These units can come from a wide variety of courses and faculties. 

All students must complete three core courses:

Unlike other programs, the BGS in Education does not require students to declare a major area of study. Instead, students complete the General Education Option or the Double Minor Option. 


The General Education Option requires the completion of the three core courses (EDUC 100W, EDUC 252 and EDUC 352W) plus: 

  • 9 lower division credits in EDUC courses; and
  • 15 upper division credits in EDUC courses

A 2.00 graduation grade point average (GPA) and upper division GPA is required.

With the exception of EDUC 400/401/402/403/405/406, courses completed in any faculty may be used to satisfy degree requirements. Course admission is subject to the prerequisites set by various departments.


The Double Minor Option requires the completion of the three core courses (EDUC 100W, EDUC 252 and EDUC 352W) plus:

  • Two minors or extended minors, including one from the Faculty of Education

Undergraduate Education minors include:

  • Counselling and Human Development;
  • Curriculum and Instruction;
  • Early Learning;
  • Educational Psychology; and
  • Learning and Development Disabilities. 


It is also possible for students to add a co-op semester to gain important job experience while taking the BGS online. 


Contact undergraduate programs at educuga@sfu.ca or make an appointment with an advisor

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