Other Programs

Foundations of Academic Literacy

The Foundations of Academic Literacy (FAL) course has been designed to assist new and returning SFU students develop and strengthen their university-level academic literacy skills. FAL X99 prepares students for success in their writing-intensive (W) courses, specifically--courses associated with the SFU Undergraduate Curriculum Initiative (www.sfu.ca/ugcr.html).


Helping Expand Access for Returning Teachers (HEART)

The Helping Ease Access for Returning Teachers (HEART) program supports teachers who need to recertify or acts as a refresher program for teachers who have been out of the classroom for a period of time.


Programmes en francais

The Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (OFFA) works in collaboration with the Faculty of Education to offer programs and courses taught in French.


Professional Development Program (PDP)

The Professional Development Program is designed to provide aspiring teachers with the opportunity to gradually explore the intricacies of the teaching profession through extended experiences working alongside practising K–12 teachers in schools and with teacher educators during coursework at Simon Fraser University.


Professional Linking Program (PLP)

The Professional Linking Program (PLP) is an exciting and unique teacher education program designed to build on the strengths of working paraprofessionals while creating new futures as teachers. PLP is unique in that it offers these workers, who are interested in becoming teachers, an opportunity to continue working in a paraprofessional setting during part of the program while meeting the requirements for teacher certification.


Professional Qualification Program (PQP)

The Professional Qualification Program is designed to orient foreign-trained teachers to the cultural, social, and political contexts of BC schools through a combination of seminar and in-school experiences. It is a 12-month, full-time program based at the Surrey campus.


SFU Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education is an optional program where students explore their career options by alternating between study semesters and paid resume-boosting work semesters.