Alicia Lim

"The students that I work with inspire me to continue to pursue a career in the Education field"


When an SFU faculty member visited my high school and gave a presentation about the different programs offered at SFU.


I am starting my fourth year at SFU, and I’m pursuing minors in Biology, Counselling and Human Development, and Early Learning. I love to get involved by volunteering for programs around campus, and my favourite program that I have volunteered for is SFU’s English Language and Culture Centre, where I worked with international students and helped to coordinate fun outings around Vancouver and helped to run their Conversation Club where we assisted the students in practicing their English conversation skills.  Currently I am volunteering as a Peer Mentor for the Faculty of Education and I’m very excited to help and meet new students!


I liked the flexibility of the Education program. I really like the Double Minor option where I get to study Education courses, which I love, while also exploring and pursuing a minor in Biology, which I have always been interested in since high school. Also many of my elementary and high school teachers were also students in the Faculty of Education, so I knew that this would be a great option for me.


I volunteer at an Elementary school, and the students that I work with inspire me to continue to pursue a career in the Education field. I love their bubbly personalities, their eagerness to learn, and the close relationships that I have developed with many of the students.


My best learning experience at SFU was taking EDUC 100 in my first semester. I didn’t know any other students in the Faculty of Education when I started SFU, but I got to meet so many other Education students in EDUC 100, which was very exciting! I also liked the fact that my class emphasized smaller group discussions than whole class discussions, because I felt a lot more comfortable sharing my ideas in smaller groups.