Brandon De Souza

"I want to inspire youth to always chase your dreams and follow your heart no matter what obstacles you may encounter because it contributes to your developing sense of identity and character"


Hello everyone! My name is Brandon De Souza and I am currently a fifth-year undergraduate student with a dream of becoming an elementary teacher. I am the second oldest of five siblings and some of my interests include sketching, photography, and music. Growing up in a large family, my childhood was affected by many social influences that placed pressures on my identity to be and act in a certain way, yet I always had the intention of becoming an educator and being a role-model to young children who need it the most.   


I am currently enrolled in Counselling & Human Development, Educational Psychology, Curriculum Instruction, and the Biological Sciences minors. Although my program varies, I am mainly situated at the Burnaby campus.


I first found out about this program when a few SFU representatives visited my high school during my senior year. 


I chose the Faculty of Education at SFU because I was very intrigued with the list of educational minors and I wanted to learn more about them. SFU’s Education program also exhibited a wide range of diversity when it came to choosing specific courses to enroll into, which made it much easier for me to transition into my classes without being overly confused.  


One faculty member from Education that I have enjoyed working with is Angela Flumerfelt. Angela is the coordinator for a tutoring program that I am a part of and, under her leadership, I have learned many valuable skills and lessons that will resonate with me for the rest of my life.


I admire the pure innocence that young children come to school with, and I am inspired to help children reach their fullest potential in a relaxed and safe learning environment. Teachers are much more than information dispensers, rather they are sources of comfort and guidance for children to confide in. I desire the opportunity to be a positive role model for my students, and in return I want my students to develop a sense of autonomy and independence that will help them flourish in the future. 


Do not let anyone influence who you are meant to be to yourself and others. The Faculty of Education at SFU is definitely a rewarding experience that will contribute to your future in teaching.


My best learning experience at SFU was the decision to be a part of Friends of Simon, which is a tutoring organization that distributed tutors across schools in the lower mainland to assist at-risk children in their studies. Through this process, I developed valuable oral communication, leadership, and teaching skills that will help me with my educational journey in the future. I also formed multiple, close relationships with other tutors that I can always count on to be there for me.