Ariana Debreuil

"Use the connections you make, and take your role as a learner seriously. Not only will the experiences you have benefit you, they will benefit your future!"

Each semester I spent at SFU made me think a little deeper and helped me affirm my desire to become a teacher. The classes I took became more and more focused in what I was interested in while opening my mind to new and exciting ideas. I made the most of the summers that I had off and traveled to different parts of the world. I did my best to “travel with a purpose” and taught English in the places I stayed.  

Throughout my degree, I made many friends and connections through different classes which helped me find a sense of belonging in the Faculty of Education. One of my favorite semesters at SFU was when I took part in a Directed Studies which allowed me to explore personal interests before preparing for the next chapter of my journey

I decided to travel again after I finished my degree in April 2015. I lived in a small town in northern Italy to teach English and learn Italian for a couple of months. This is where I began to get into the mindset of heading into a professional program as I was accepted into the ITEM India Module for September of 2015. I tried to journal frequently and read lots of interesting books as I knew it would be an all-consuming time when September came around. Although heading into PDP was always on my mind, I enjoyed being in Europe and made the most of my last “free” weeks!

Now that I have graduated and am working full time as a teacher, I often revisit the thoughts and memorable moments I had throughout my degree. The life-long connections I have made as well as the life-changing moments have truly made my time at SFU a once in a lifetime experience. 

My program

I completed a Bachelor of General Studies with a double minor, Curriculum and Instruction, and First Nations Studies. I completed my Bachelor of Education as a 2nd degree throughout the Professional Development Program where I was in the ITEM India Module.

Instructor of Note

I completed Dr. Charles Bingham’s EDUC 240 and 250 and really enjoyed them. Dr. Bingham brought many interesting stories and insights to the classroom. Of all the great professors I had, “Bing” sticks out as being the most genuine and thought-provoking educator!

My Inspiration

I had to find a way that I could translate my love of learning into a life-long career. I decided that I couldn’t stay a student forever and that teaching was the next best thing!

My Student Advice

I wish I had got myself involved sooner. Use the connections you make, and take your role as a learner seriously. Not only will the experiences you have benefit you, they will benefit your future!

When it comes time to finding a job, try to not be stuck in a “fixed-mindset” of there being one perfect job that you are in the search for. No job has to be forever and growth comes with change. Apply to as many postings as you can find and keep an open mind!