David Lee

"Diversity is what makes being part of the Faculty of Education so proud and rewarding."

What Am I Doing Now? 

I am currently working in the Richmond School District as an Elementary school teacher while completing an Equity Studies graduate degree in Education at SFU.  Through collaborating with others, creating new discourse, and constantly discomforting myself, I hope to gradually decolonize my practice as a teacher and my identity as a settler.

Why I chose the Faculty of Education

I spent several years teaching and working with children. It felt like the thing to do. I found out about the Bachelor of General Studies through the help of Jacquie, the Undergraduate Student Advisor. She's awesome!

Instructor of note

Enjoyed attending class with Robin Barrow and Elizabeth (Beth) Marshall. Dr. Barrow's classes are very informative, and he's just an awesome individual. Beth's class was a breath of fresh air. The way she teaches is simple, real and keeps you interested. 

My Inspiration

The people that educate and teach–which could be anyone–always have a perspective that is inherently original. These original stories keep me coming back.

My Student Advice

It's a great program with supportive teachers, advisors and a student body that, really, encompasses students from all Faculties. This diversity is what makes being part of the Faculty of Education so proud and rewarding.

My Best Learning Experience

I've had many Education courses where the material I learn actually translates into the 'real world' skills.