Hannah McGillivray


I am 22 and I am in my 4th year in the faculty of education. I live in Langley and I am hoping to get into PDP for Fall 2019. After PDP I plan to teach at the elementary level.

Why Faculty of Education

My uncle is known as one of the best teachers in Canada, he attended SFU and said that it was truly one of the best places to be for education. I also have had many teachers who studied here as well. I also appreciate that they lengthened their PDP program to add some much needed extra classes to represent minority groups.

Best Learning Experience

EDUC 240

Instructor of Note

Charles Bingham was a prof that I have worked with during a directed studies course. He has so much passion for teaching and I have enjoyed his enthusiasm and love for his job. He was the teacher who told the truth about education and truly opened my eyes on what the education system is.


The thought of so many students who need someone to be there for them.

Prospective Student Advice

I would tell them that SFU's education courses have been some of my favorite courses I've ever taken. I would greatly encourage them even if they weren't in the faculty to just try them and see what they think.