Jamie Shimmin


I have wanted to be a teacher since I was 10 years old. I have always loved working with little children and helping them learn. This passion of mine has been one that I have been pursuing for as long as I can remember, and I cannot believe that I am almost done my BGS degree. When I am not working or studying, I really enjoy hanging out with my friends. I am also a lover of the outdoors, and love to go hiking and camping as much as my schedule will allow for it.

How I Discovered the Faculty of Education

I was enrolled in the Associate of Arts - Future Teachers degree program at Douglas College. This was a two-year program that helped begin my journey towards achieving my Bachelor of General Studies degree. While at Douglas College, I began researching my program options for when my two-year degree was complete and came across the BGS program at SFU. As I knew I eventually needed to attend SFU to complete the Professional Development Program for teaching, I began researching SFU as a candidate to complete my BGS degree. I really liked the variability of Education courses and course locations offered by SFU, as well as the campus and student atmosphere of the school as a whole. The rest is history! Now, I could never even imagine finishing my degree at any other school.


Every single one! Each Education faculty member that I have encountered is extremely knowledgeable of the field and has such diverse experiences and fascinating stories to tell about Education. You really cannot go wrong taking a class with any of the faculty members in Education, and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the classes I have taken within the Education faculty.

Why Faculty of Education

I was really attracted to all the Education courses that SFU had to offer. Each course description seemed so interesting, and seemed to focus on a fairly unique aspect of Education (ie. Learning Disabilities, Diversity in the Classroom, Children's Literature, etc.). I also really liked the atmosphere of the school as a whole, as well as the students and faculty, and I knew I had to become a part of that community.


Solely the fact that I will never run out of things to learn about. Even though I am working towards becoming a teacher, I too am a learner, and always will be. We learn so much from each course we take, and there is always room for us to learn more from our experiences. Knowledge is power, and I’m a firm believer that the more we learn about, the better we become as people.

Best Learning Experience

My best learning experiences have always come from discussions with my classmates and professors. Through these conversations, I have learned a lot about other people, and the experiences they have had both within the education system, and in life. In listening to these accounts, I have learned a lot about things that I do not always have personal experience with, and this has really helped shift my thinking and understandings with a multitude of different issues we face as a society.

Prospective Student Advice

Embrace the journey and learn as much as you can: from your professors, from your classmates, from yourself. You are entering into a faculty, and a school, that is so rich in diversity; you can learn a lot by simply listening to the stories and experiences of others around you. Work hard, learn a lot, and always remain focused on why it is you’re here.

To some extent, everyone in this faculty has a passion for the education of others. However, that begins and ends with an open-mind, as well as a willingness and desire to become educated yourself. Best of luck! Additional Sharing: This program has provided me with so many opportunities for learning and personal growth, and I am truly thankful for the time I have spent within this program and at SFU.