Jennifer Wijaya


Hi everyone, I'm Jen! I am completing my fourth year in BGS with the minors in Curriculum and Instruction, and Early Learning. Currently, I'm in the process of applying for UBC's BEd program and PDP. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and I moved to Vancouver, BC during my elementary school years. Some of my passions include my faith, music, journal writing, and acquiring new languages.

Why Faculty of Education

Considering both of my parents were teachers in our home country, the thought of becoming an educator has always been in the back of my mind. Yes, I was that child that got up on a chair and pretended to teach lessons to my stuffed animals. However, through taking up volunteering and working experiences in summer day camps or peer counselling, I was drawn to the rewarding aspect of education which is seeing the pure excitement in children whenever they learn or discover something new. It was also evident to me that my passion lies in helping, encouraging, as well as, inspiring young learners to reach their greatest potentials and aspirations in life. 

Instructor of Note

Throughout my post-secondary career, I came across a number of faculty members at SFU whom I have enjoyed working with as they all offer valuable opinions on how to become an effective educator. In particular though, Susan Montabello has really deepened my understanding in regards to the 21st century learning and ethics of care in a learning community. She carries herself with poise and grace; and being in her class has reminded me the importance of leading by example.

Best Learning Experience

Personally, I have really enjoyed the seminar classes offered at SFU. This learning experience allows us to collaborate with others, learn from other people's experiences, and be reflective with our own journey as a learner.


Without a doubt, my family members and close friends are my inspirations when it comes to my studies and vocation. They are the ones that I can count on when I need a boost of confidence, a novel perspective, and the important values of life. 

Prospective Student Advice

I encourage you take at least one education course to get a view of what entails to the education program. Aside from that, I believe that it would be ideal to try out volunteering opportunities that involves working with children in order to see if education is the career you would like to go into.