Rosabella Acero


Hi everyone, my name is Rosabella but everyone calls me Bella for short. I'm currently in my third year as an undergraduate pursing a double minor in hopes to becoming an ESL teacher one day. 

How I Discovered the Program

I've always wanted to become a teacher and after doing some research on education programs with universities I thought SFU's program suit me the best.

Why Faculty of Education

I chose the faculty of Education because I found that a lot of the classes and the variety of minors had intrigued me. I have genuinely enjoyed or have been interested in all of the education courses I have taken so far and I'm so glad I'm able to say I like my courses and it goes towards my dreams of becoming a future educator. 


What inspires me is that one day once I've graduated and become a teacher I can one day help students who struggle with the same things I did when I was a student. 

Prospective Student Advice

Taking and chances and making mistakes are all part of the process on finding out what you want to do for your future career. But with SFU's Faculty of Education they have really showed that it is possible to enjoy your major while striving towards a fulfilling career. 

Best Learning Experience

My best learning experience was when I decided to take part in an internship through AIESEC. I had the opportunity to teach at a kindergarten in Japan and it was the best hands on experience you could possibly get while being an undergraduate student. Using what I had learned in my Education lectures combined with what I had learned during my internship is definitely an unforgettable experience that will contribute to my future of becoming an ESL teacher.