Samantha Manuel

"I am constantly inspired by how much there is to learn. My passions in life are my greatest inspirations to continue on a journey of lifelong learning."

My program 

I have always known that I have wanted to become a teacher so applying to the Faculty of Education at SFU and then further the Professional Development Program was always in my plan. I looked online and spoke to academic advisors on a regular basis until I decided to choose Early Learning and Curriculum and Instruction as the focus of my degree. The classes that I was required to take in order to fulfil these minors were incredibly worthwhile and have further piqued my interest in the many topics education has to offer.

Why I chose the Faculty of Education

SFU has an incredible Education Faculty. This has been proven to me throughout my time here, but also reinforced by all of the SFU graduates I have connected with over the years. 

Instructor of Note 

Both of the Faculty Associates I had while in the Professional Development Program were wonderful. Both Daphne Roberts as well as Katharine Kan were excellent mentors that passed along much of their teaching wisdom.

My inspiration

I am constantly inspired by how much there is to learn. Education truly holds so much power - I am inspired daily by all of the children in my classroom.

My student advice 

The education course work at SFU has so much potential to foster both academic as well as personal growth - enjoy it!

My Best Learning Experience

My time at SFU has provided me with such positive growth and I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to belong to this community. All of my education courses have allowed me to develop my own sense of what education is most worthwhile as well as the huge importance of being a critically reflective practitioner.


I completed the Professional Development Program in August of 2017 and am now a teacher with the Langley School District!