Sidney Peake

"Do not be afraid to challenge yourself."


Currently I am enrolled in the Professional Development Program at SFU. After being selected to be the student speaker at my graduation ceremony, my dreams and hopes of becoming an educator were reinforced. I am looking forward to further pursuing post-secondary schooling through the PDP program as well as recognizing that I am responsible for being a life-long learner in this profession.


I was attracted to the small and close-knit community that the Faculty of Education offers. From the first few education courses that I took, I knew that I chose the program that was right for me. All my fellow students and professors were encouraging and challenging in respects to my own learning process! I felt like I was being pushed to be the best person I could be and to help others realize their own potential as well. 

I also had a passion for teaching and learning so I automatically knew that I wanted to pursue education. SFU has one of the most talked about teacher education programs and I wanted to be a part of it!


I thoroughly enjoyed learning under Maureen Hoskyn. She made her students feel like they were learning with her. She made everyone in the class feel like they belonged there. She also encouraged us to pursue our own passions within the course and on future endeavours. 


I find that the atmosphere in all education courses is super positive. Many of my fellow classmates have these outrageously contagious attitudes that make me feel like this is what I should be doing. I thoroughly love coming to class to meet and discuss course material with my friends. It is kind of strange... but I feel like my classmates and professors keep me accountable for my own learning. They make me want to learn and pursue further education. 


As I reflect on my undergraduate experiences as a whole, I urge each student to not underestimate their abilities. We all have strengths and we all have areas worth developing, but give yourself credit where need be, put your head down and continue to work as hard as you can. Don’t be afraid to take a break, participate in self-care and work on your mental health, but never let anyone (even yourself) tell you about what you can or cannot achieve.

If you ever have any questions about my personal experiences at SFU, please know that I am available to meet up for coffee, converse over facebook or answer the phone in order to help those going through what I have been through. You can contact me through .

Best of luck to everyone and I hope that you discover your purpose in life and believe in your potential.