Zoha Shoaib

Switching over into the Faculty of Education from Psychology had made me the happiest person on the planet. 3 years later, and I am still the happiest I had been in my educational journey.


I am currently in my fourth year of this program. I am an average university student - study, sleep, eat, sleep, study, sleep, eat - repeat. I love all forms of art and music and love to learn new things in the field of education.

How I Discovered the Program

I was exploring my options with the councilor and she had introduced this program to me.

Why Faculty of Education

I had been in the psychology program before, and although I was interested in what I was learning, I was not passionate. I am passionate, however, about children, growth, learning, and education as a whole.


Knowing that as a teacher, I will inspire children to go forth with their own passions  inspires me. I am also very excited about being a part of the educational field as it's experiencing change in the curriculum, as well as in developing new teaching methods.

Instructor of Note

I have enjoyed working with many faculty members, such as Jenise Boland, Charles Bingham, Carolyn Mamchur, but my most memorable professor is Susan Montabello. I have never had a professor who was a patient and caring as Susan. She is highly approachable and knows how to change things up in the classroom to make sure everyone is understanding what they are learning.

Best Learning Experience

Susan Montabello was one of my favourite professors, and she had everybody in the class participate in a field-based-learning experience. We got to spend a day going into a classroom and learning about the different ways teachers are teaching. I went to a community school and found many differences that they have in comparison to regular public schools. I would not have had the chance to do this had it not been for Susan.

Prospective Student Advice

This is an absolutely incredible field if you are passionate about seeing children learn and grow. We need teachers that are excited about education, and if this sounds like you, then I would highly suggest joining this faculty!