Analyze data

After the data collection phase is complete, the data is organized. Quantitative data (such as final scores, averages, and survey results) and qualitative data (such as focus group and interview transcriptions and examples of student work) is assembled in preparation for analysis. Analysis provides meaningful feedback on students’ learning experiences and may be used to inform program-related decision-making.

Listening to the data and reporting

After reviewing the data, prepare a short summary of assessment results, which should be discussed with the members of the academic unit. Based on the results, determine the degree to which the Educational Goals have been met, where improvement is needed, or where changes to the Educational Goals are needed so that they accurately reflect what students should learn in the programs.

In preparation for the mid-cycle report in Year 4 of the External Review cycle, units are required to report on their data analysis and their success or challenges in meeting their program level Educational Goals, and they should describe any revisions to their curriculum or their Educational Goals based on their data analysis.

Assessment Plan/Report Card form

The form below is an example of an assessment plan/report card. This template can be adapted and customized to meet the needs of individual academic units.

Download Assessment Plan/Report Card form: PDF | MS Word