Align Educational Goals to curriculum

Once Educational Goals for program(s) have been defined, units need to map them to their curriculum. Curriculum mapping is the process of identifying where in the program each Educational Goal is covered. A completed curriculum map thus provides an overview of the relationship between course content, Educational Goals, assignments, and assessments. Curriculum mapping can also reveal gaps in the curriculum and make it easier for units to detect whether their program level Educational Goals are representative of what students are learning in their courses. Curriculum maps can be general, linking Educational Goals with courses, or more detailed, listing types of assignments for assessment (e.g., a particular paper or presentation).

Curriculum maps to use, share and adapt

Below are three examples of curriculum maps, ranging from more simple to more complex, that indicate which courses cover each Educational Goal:

Template 1

Download Template 1: PDF | MS Word

Mapping EGs to Curriculum – Approach 1

Template 2

Download Template 2: PDF | MS Word

Mapping EGs to Curriculum – Approach 2

Template 3

Download Template 3: PDF | MS Word

Mapping EGs to Curriculum – Approach 3