Explore Program

Institut de langue française at Laval University in July

The Explore Program is offered to all PDP students at SFU. It provides a unique experience to perfecting your French and to discover the cultural richness of the Canadian Francophonie.

Integration of the Explore Program into the PDP

Program structure (16 months):

  • EDUC 400    Foundations of Education & Schooling (Sept-Dec)
  • EDUC 401/402  Integration of Theory and Practice (Jan-April)
  • EDUC 404  Professional Coursework (May-Aug)
  • EDUC 405  Teaching Semester (Sept-Dec)

The Explore Program is integrated into the EDUC 404 semester.*

* only if your schedule allows

Cost and bursaries

The program cost is approximately $2800 that covers the major expenses for participating in the program (tuition fees for the programs, instructional materials, meals and accommodations, workshops, and other mandatory activities). Students are responsible for their transport and personal expenses.

If you meet the criteria, you can apply for a bursary of $2800 from the Minister of Education (http://www.myexplore.ca/). At the beginning of the first or second session of PDP, students will receive information about the program and the bursary.


Claude Dionne
PDP Coordinator

Simon Fraser University
Faculty of Education
8888 University Drive
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