Get Extra Credit

Credit on the SFU Co-Curricular Record

All members of finalist* teams who are currently enrolled in an SFU program will receive credit on their SFU Co-Curricular Records as an SFU Student-Community Engagement Competition Finalist. You will be automatically registered for this credit at the end of Spring 2021 (usually May). To learn more about the SFU Co-Curricular Record, check out the website.

Position text that will be available for you to add to your CCR record will include:

Position description: In competing for awards to fund innovative community engagement projects that have meaningful impact in Burnaby and Surrey, students gain experience designing community engagement projects, managing relationships, developing a project proposal with peers, and publicly presenting projects to a panel of judges. Students must be able to authentically demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm, and must have worked to discover a viable idea for creating meaningful engagement in their community.

Learning outcomes: Designing a student-community engagement project for the purposes of needs-based community impact; Working with diverse, sometimes sensitive populations towards community-situated outcomes; Defining and measuring impact; Preparing a successful project proposal; Developing a budget; Publicly presenting a community project proposal to a panel of judges.

*Finalist teams are those who are invited to present to a panel of judges in Step 4 of the competition.  

SFU Directed Studies

Many programs offer Directed Studies courses that might allow you to earn academic credit for implementing your project. Typically, enrolment in a directed studies course enables an individual or small group to work with a faculty member on a research project of mutual interest. Faculties and departments may have specific requirements and conditions for doing directed studies, so if you are interested, please speak with your academic advisor soon for further details about eligibility and to learn how to make this happen.

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* Award amounts subject to change