Wow! Over 80 registered and 27 ideas submitted for the 2017 SFU Student-Community Engagement Competition – thank you.

December 05, 2017

It’s clear that SFU’s growing reputation as Canada’s leading engaged university owes a lot of its momentum to SFU’s incredible students.

We are inspired to be working with such entrepreneurial change-making people, like you, who want to make a difference by working with our diverse communities. Thank you.

Now that the first phase of the competition is over, we are looking forward to reviewing your ideas, many of which will have great promise. Based on an initial glance, it looks like we have 13 ideas for communities in Burnaby, and 14 ideas for communities in Surrey – what great balance!

In the next phase of the competition we will invite a shortlist of teams to submit detailed proposals, so keep an eye out for an email around mid-December informing you whether or not your team has been shortlisted. (For a refresher on the process, check out How it Works.)

Your ideas have merit! Although not all teams will be shortlisted, we encourage you to continue thinking about your ideas. There is no question that your ideas are valuable and you are all to be commended – both for your insights, and for the courage, compassion and enthusiasm you’ve shown for making a positive difference with your communities. 

For all of you who are studying for exams, we wish you all the best. And to everyone: have a happy and warm winter break!

Hey, students!

Do you have an idea for change? Are you ready to work with an organization in your community to make a difference? Amazing things happen when people come together (especially when you have $2,000 or $3,000 to work with)!

All it takes is some passion and an idea. Register today.