Teaching Assistant Information


ENSC 100W Engineering, Science, & Society  M. Sjoerdsma Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC100W_Fall2019
ENSC 105W Process, Form, & Convention in Professional Genres  S. Whitmore Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC105W_Fall2019
ENSC 120 Introduction to Electronics Laboratory Instruments Operation & Measurement  Techniques  A. Hajshirmohammadi Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC120_Fall2019-re-post-Sept
ENSC 204 Graphical Communication for Engineers B. Gill Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC204_Fall2019
ENSC 220 Electric Circuits I L. Trajkovic Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC220_Fall2019
ENSC 251 Software Design & Analysis for Engineers  Z. Fang Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC251_Fall2019
ENSC 252 Fundamentals of Digital Logic & Design  A. Tino Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC252_Fall2019
ENSC 316 Introduction to Electrodynamics for Engineers  B. Rabus Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC316_Fall2019
ENSC 324 Electronic Devices  A. Parameswaran Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC324_Fall2019
ENSC 351  Embedded & Real Time System Software  C. Scratchley Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC351_Fall2019
ENSC 370 Biomedical Engineering Directions A. Rawicz Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC370_Fall2019
ENSC 380 Linear Systems I. Bajic Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC380_Fall2019
ENSC 385 Static & Strength of Materials  TBA Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC385_Fall2019
ENSC 424 Multimedia Communications Engineering  J. Liang Burnaby  JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC424_Fall2019
ENSC 440 Capstone B A. Rawicz Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC440_Fall2019
ENSC 477 Biomedical Image Acquisition  M. Sarunic Burnaby  JobPosting_TSSU_ENSC477_Fall2019
 ENSC CO-OP Engineering CO-OP TBA Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_ENSCCO-OP
TEKX 101 Introduction to 3D Printing & Laser Scanning Technologies  J. Ferrer Burnaby JobPosting_TSSU_TEKX_Fall2019