Dr. Herath Gedara Chinthaka Pathum Dinesh receives Governor General's Gold Medal

June 01, 2022

PhD graduate Dr. Herath Gedara Chinthaka Pathum Dinesh from the School of Engineering Science is the recipient of the June 2022 Governor General’s Gold Medal, which recognizes a graduate student who achieve the highest academic standing upon graduation.

Dr. Dinesh’s doctoral thesis, “Graph Signal Processing for 3D Point Cloud Sampling and Restoration” examined graph signal processing in which he proposed several algorithms to enhance the quality of 3D models generated from 3D scanners. This research has many practical applications in the autonomous driving and virtual reality spheres.

Dr. Dinesh has been the recipient of many honours and awards such as the Lang Wong Memorial Scholarship, the Kaiser Foundation Graduate Scholarship, the Clark, Wilson Graduate Scholarship, the Helmut & Hugo Eppich Family Graduate Scholarship, the SFU President's PhD Scholarship, and the SFU Graduate Fellowship.

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